Riga autumn rogaining 2017 - pre-start information

The festive week is here! This week we celebrate Latvia's birthday in every home, every family in Latvia! We are very glad that you have decided to celebrate this day staying active - with friends, colleagues or family participating in Riga rogaining. While other years in the autumn rogaining we were struck by the snow, weather forecasts show that this year we will not be expecting the first snow this week, and this rogaining will be in autumn colors. We hope that during the distance you will be able to lift your eyes from the map and see that there are still a lot of interesting and beautiful places in Riga that we do not notice in everyday life. We wish you a successful and festive day full of patriosm, and do not forget that in the evening there will be firework show in Riga! But now you can read important information that will help you to navigate both in the race and in the distance! 



  • The goal is to collect as many points as possible within the specified time. Check-points have different values, which is indicated by the first number (21=2 points). 
  • In every check point team members must check in within 1 minute. The result will be counted only after all members of the team have checked in FINISH station which will be located under the arch. It will be checked if the wristband is not damaged, and only then you are allowed to take off the SI card.
  • If check point during the distance is stolen or damaged (doesn't work), then send SMS to +371 20011284 with team number and particular check point number, for example, NR 403, CP 23. Only then it will be counted. If you call and tell that it is stolen or damaged, it will not be counted. After sending SMS you can continue the distance. If afterall the check point was in the right place, it will not be counted.
  • The race takes place within city with active traffic. Please make sure that you follow the traffic rules for your own safety. Contact numbers: +371 27784119, +371 25888832. Emergency situations: 113. If time limit is exceeded (2h, 4h or 6h), every minute late is minus 1 point. If you are more than 30 minutes late, result is not counted.

Competition center is located at the shopping mall Spice Home, Lielirbes iela 17A, Riga. See map: http://ej.uz/rigas-rudens-rog-17 Services provides on the race center: toilets, storage room, changing rooms for both women and men, registration, race map distribution, first aid, awarding ceremony, warm tea at the finish. Participants will have the opportunity to buy "Isostar" energy drinks, gels and bars, as well as will be able to buy "Garmin" sports watches and goods from "OS Veikals" store and get warm snacks and drinks.

From 9:00 Registration starts, handing out the maps
11:00 Start for 4h and 6h distances
12:00 Start for 2h distance, Rogaining Walk and Asics 7km rogaining run
14:00 Cut-off time for 2 hour distance and 7km trail run
15:00 Cut-off time for 4 hour distance
17:00 Cut-off time for 6 hour distance

All team members must come to the registration tent to take out race numbers, say team name and sign in the registration protocol for taking out the number. Team captain cannot sign for others. In the team envelope there are race bibs, safety pins, SI cards, wristbands, as well as different ads from sponsors. Teams that rent out compases will have them in the envelopes.

During the competition week and competition day, an additional fee of EUR 5 is required for a change of distance, team name or participant. All changes can be made on the race day at the Registration and Info tent. Deleting a participant from a team or team is not an extra charge. 

Teams will get race maps at the registration along with envelope. This means that you can arrive when you wish and spend time for distance planning as long as you wish until start. When you have received maps, it is important to read all the instructions. It is possible to do the planning in the tent, a car or any other place. Every team member will get 1 map. Before the start everybody must attach wristband with SI card and keep it undamaged during the race. When entering the start coridor it is obligatory to show the wristband to referee. 

Since traffic during the race is not closed, all the participants must follow the traffic rules, especially when crossing streets and street lights. When check point is found, all team members must check in within 1 minute waiting for a beep. Teams must check in at FINISH check point until the specified time. Check points that are visited after the control time, are not counted. In the finish corridor, everybody must give all rented equipment to referee. Results will be displayed electronically on the screen at the race center, available also from mobile phones, when visiting race homepage. 

It is recommended to choose light clothes for running and comfortable shoes that are good for running both on the streets and in the woods. Every team must have fully charged mobile phone. It is also recommended to have a marker for planning the distance, compass with degree sections, ruler, watch, energy food, and drinks. 

Be careful wherever you go and follow Road Traffic Rules for pedestrians! Do not run over intense traffic in unplanned areas, causing a negative attitude of other people to athletes! Follow signs "Private property", "Walking is forbidden!"! Respect other residents and private owners who are locals, but you are a guest!

Participants planning to take part in the 2019 World Veteran orienteering championship in Riga are welcome to visit embargo sites published on the event's website www.WMOC2019.lv. We would like to inform you that there will be no checkpoints in these areas and it is possible to avoid the territories during the distance. 

The maps will be double-laminated and waterproof, but each participant will be responsible for maintaining the map in humid conditions. The total number of control points is 50, the total value points are 200 points. Checkpoint values ​​will be from 2 to 6 points (the value of a point is the first digit of its' number). The map scale is 1:20 000 or 1 centimeter on the map is equal to 200 meters in real; map size: 62 x 42 cm. The map is prepared based on the topographical materials of the "Jana Sēta", corrections in map by Reinis Bērziņš and Valters Kaminskis. 

The map will be easy to understand for both - experienced rogainers and beginners. The city map is based on "Jana Sēta" material, where the forest is green, but the open areas are white. There are additions and corrections made, but it should be remembered, that rogaining maps are not drawn as precisely as orientation maps, so during the distance you should follow the main objects on the map. The most important crossings across major streets, highways, railways and ditches (pedestrian crossings, bridges, tunnels, beaver dams, broken trees) are highlighted on the map. If you choose to cross the highway in other places, it  may take up to 20 minutes until a gap in the car's flow appears. 

Attention must be paid to the fences, which, as predicted, will be everywhere. The map carefully lists those fences that will definitely be in the way from one point to the next checkpoint, but if you love alternative routes, then you may come accross the fences that are not in the map, but it can be easily guessed - multi-storey houses, living areas or public buildings are usually publicly available and will be without fences, but private house areas and industrial areas are usually fenced and inaccessible. If the fence is marked with gate open, it means that it is allowed to go there, and some checkpoints will intentionally be placed in fenced areas, because the owners of the area have allowed to go there. 

On the map there are ditches that can easily be crossed staying dry, but there will also be those that can only be crossed by swimming ("not passable"), so these ditches are marked with crossing places on the estimated rogaining routes. The ditches have not been fully tested over the entire length, so those who love alternative routes may come accross unmarked trees over the ditch (a gift from beavers), but using marked crossing places is recommended. There is water in all the ditches, while the dry ditches are not drawn on the map at all. As the weather forecast delights with dry weather  in the coming week, and the snow is not coming either, it's likely that the dry ditches will remain dry. 

As in the city, many of the territories belong to private owners and should be considered a prohibited site in classical orienteering, but they are not marked on the map, saving the printer's red color. The control points are located in places where such territories would not be advantageous to cross. On the other hand, in the case of alternative routes, they can be guessed on the map in the same way as fences - if you see the sign "No entry - forbidden" - do not ignore it and do not try outrun guard dogs! Almost all control points can be reached with dry feet, sometimes with small mud. Of course, proper rogaining should not be made without mud, so there are a couple of checkpoints on the far end of the map, where the fastest path will not be the driest. What will be your Riga rogaining strategy?



Nr. Kontrolpunkta atrašanās vieta / Checkpoint location Nr. Kontrolpunkta atrašanās vieta / Checkpoint location Nr. Kontrolpunkta atrašanās vieta / Checkpoint location
20 Iela, DR gals / Street, SW end 37 Pussalas gals / End of peninsula 54 Žogs, ZA stūris / Fence, NE corner
21 Grāvis, A gals / Ditch, E end 38 Taka, Z gals / Path, N end 55 Virsotne / Hillock
22 Drupas, R gals / Ruins, W end 39 Deguns, Z gals / Spur, N end 56 Deguns, ZA gals / Spur, NE end
23 Rotaļlaukums / Playground 40 Žogs, DA mala / Fence, SE side 57 Starp pauguriem / Between hillocks
24 Upes līkums, R krasts / River bend, W bank 41 Grāvis-Dīķis, D krasts / Ditch-Pond, S bank 58 Dīķis, A krasts / Pond, E bank
25 Koku puduris, ZR stūris / Coapse, NW corner 42 Žogs, Z stūris / Fence, N corner 59 Starp pauguriem / Between hillocks
26 Pussala / Peninsula 43 Grāvis, A gals / Ditch, E end 60 Klajums, D stūris / Open area, S corner
27 Taku krustojums, ZA / Path junction, NE 44 Ieloks / Fold 61 Meža strēle, DA gals / Forest spit, SE end
28 Upes līkums, R krasts / River bend, W bank 45 Virsotne / Hillock 62 Dīķis, ZA stūris / Pond, NE corner
29 Ēkas iekšpagalms / Inner yard of building 46 Sliežu gals / End of rails 63 Deguns, D gals / Spur, S end
30 Klajums, Z puse / Open area, N side 47 Koku puduris, DR stūris / Coapse, SW corner 64 Bebra dambis, Z krasts / Beaver's dam, N bank
31 Grāvju krusts, A krasts / Ditch junction, E bank 48 Deguns / Spur 65 Grāvis, D krasts / Ditch, S bank
32 Virsotne / Hillock 49 Paugurs, D piekāje / Hillock, S foot 66 Ieloks / Fold
33 Tilta Z balsts / N pillar of bridge 50 Paugurs / Hillock 67 Koku puduris, Z stūris / Coapse, N corner
34 Dīķis, ZR stūris / Pond, NW corner 51 Grāvju krustojums / Ditch junction 68 Dīķis, R krasts / Pond, W bank
35 Virsotne / Hillock 52 Žogs, DA stūris / Fence, SE corner 69 Klajums virsotnē / Open area on hillock
36 Piestātnes paliekas / Remains of dock pier 53 Deguns, ZA gals / Spur, NE end Finišs zem arkas / Finish under arch

In you have any questions, please write us to xrace@xrace.lv

See you soon!
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