1.1. To determine the best rogainers from Latvia and Riga in different age groups and distances. 

1.2. To increase the number of active rogainers and promote competitive growth. 

1.3. To promote healthy and natural friendly lifestyle to inhabitants of Riga and visitors. 

1.4. To increase awareness of rogaining in Riga and Latvia.


2.1. The race takes place on March 23th, 2019.

2.2. Schedule:

Time Activity
09:00 Race bib distribution and map distribution
11:00 Start for 6h rogaining
12:00 Start for 4h rogaining
13:00 Start for 2h rogaining, Rogaining walk and Rogaining run
15:00 Cut-off time for 2h rogaining
15:30 Awarding ceremony for 2h rogaining and Rogaining run
16:00 Cut-off time for 4h rogaining
16:30 Awarding ceremony for 4h rogaining
17:00 Cut-off time for 6h rogaining and Rogaining run
17:30 Awarding ceremony for 6h rogaining

2.3. The Event is presented by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of Riga City Council in cooperation with xRace. Contact info: e-mail: rogainings@xrace.lv.


3.1. Riga Rogaining is an orienteering team competition, where the team is attending Check Points and collecting points in a random order given a specified period of time, trying to collect as many points as possible within the specified time frame. 

3.2. In the distance participants move only by foot, using race maps issued by the organizers for navigation. All other electronic navigation devices are allowed in the distance. 

3.3. During the competition, traffic is not stopped, and participants are required to comply with Road Traffic Rules when they visit the checkpoints. Participants must respect the traffic laws of Latvia, follow the instructions from race organizers and judges, take into consideration specially marked places during the race.

3.4. The event organizers reserve the rights to delay the start, to change the course of the competition, to withhold or stop the race if it is related to hazardous weather conditions or other conditions associated with safety risks for the participants. 

3.5. Within the competition it is allowed to use the company's and organisation's name or brand name in the team's name, as well as stickers on equipment or clothing according with these Rules. Any kind of uncoordinated advertising activities in the Event are prohibited. Penalty for failure to comply with this paragraph is 2000 EUR. Any advertising is allowed on participant's clothes, shoes and race equipment. 

3.6. Protests shall be submitted in writing no later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the results, paying 30 EUR security deposit. It will be returned if the protest is accepted. The protest is being considered on the spot, if there is no need for further information and investigation. The decision is communicated to all involved parties. Chief Judge's decision is final and binding on all entrants. 

3.7. By registering for Riga rogaining participants confirm that they do not object that their photos and video footage taken during the race are used for Riga Rogaining marketing and advertising activities.

3.8. The organizers reserve the rights to change and modify these rules, procedures and requirements at any time before and during the race, notifying it on www.rigasrogainings.lv page.


4.1. Rogaining walk (2h ~5km) is meant for the children who is 12 years old or younger. The format of Rogaining walk is designed to be in teams, which are accompanied by Instructor - a person provided by organizers. If a child is 7 years old or younger, it is mandatory for a parent or guardian to be present and accompany the child.

4.2. 2h rogaining, 4h rogaining, 6h rogaining competes teams which are formed from 2 to 4 people, where at least one person is at least 18 years old on the day of the race. In case participants are under 18 years old, they must submit a written permission written by their parents or guardians.

4.3. Rogaining run is ~ 14-16km long distance – an orienteering route that is not marked and is made for individual participants, who run or walk the distance, while punching all necessary check-points on the way. Checkpoints are indicated on rogaining map that the participants receive on the race day.

4.4.  Age groups (by the age, what is on competition day):

  • MJ, WJ, XJ (all distances) - men, women, mix junior groups (all participants are under 23 years old);
  • MO, WO, XO (all distances) - men, women, mix open groups;
  • MV, WV, XV (only in 6h distance) - men, women, mix senior groups (all participants 40 and more years old);
  • MSV, WSV, XSV (only in 6h distance) - men, women, mix super-senior groups (all participants 55 and more years old);
  • Family (to all distances) - one member must be 12 years old or younger;
  • V, S (rogaining run) - men, women.


5.1. Teams can register by filling the application in www.rigasrogainings.lv. Registration takes place until March 21st, 2019 (including). Registration is available in race center in race morning.

5.2. Payment details: "Piedzīvojumu sacensību apvienība", reg.no.: 40008154479, bank account: LV39PARX0021201040001, bank: Citadele banka, payment description: Name of the team.

5.3. Participation fee for 6h and 4h distances (one team member):

Age group 20.11-30.11 01.12-27.01 28.01-17.03 18.03-23.03
Children under age 12 For free For free 3 5
Youngsters in age 12-18 and seniors from 62  7 10 13 20
Adults 14 17 22 30

5.4. Participation fee for 2h rogaining and Rogaining run (one team member):

Age group 20.11-30.11 01.12-27.01 28.01-17.03 18.03-23.03
Children under age 12 For free For free 3 5
Youngsters in age 12-18 and seniors from 62 5 7 9 15
Adults 10 14 18 25

5.5. Participation fee forRogaining walk (one team member):

Age group 20.11-30.11 01.12-27.01 28.01-17.03 18.03-23.03
Children under age 12 For free For free For free 5
Parents or guardians, going with children For free For free For free For free

5.6. Team members and chosen distance can be changed by sending necessary information to rogainings@xrace.lv until competition week. All changes in team or distance made after that will be charged 5 EUR.

5.7. Participation fee includes SI card (except participants younger than 5 years old), medal for every finisher, map production, wristbands, race number, pins, storage room, dressrooms, energy pack after the finish, medical assistance, prizes for winners and other organizational expenses. At the Event center it will be possible to purchase ISOSTAR energy drinks, gels and bars.

5.8. By filling up registration form in web page and by participating in competition, all team members has confirmed, that they have read competition rules and takes full responsibility of their health conditions and possible accidents during all competition time. Parents and guardians take responsibility for participants under age 18, stating it in written form. 

5.9. On the race day, when receiving a team's starter kit, one team members must sign on the start protocol, taking full responsibility of giving back all rented or results equipment in the state it was given out.

5.10. If participants cancel their registration, the team does not arrive to the competition, team is disqualified or the race is cancelled due to force majeure, the participation fee is not refunded.


6.1. The competition takes place in accordance with the LOF approved rogaining competition rules, if it is not stated differently in these Regulations. Regulations published in Latvian version are available on the website http://rogaining.lv/?ucat=3

6.2. Each participant before the start receives a map. Maps are water and moisture resistant, but participants themselves are responsible for the preservation of maps during the race. 

6.3. Participants must wear the number in a visible place - on the clothing or a bag. 

6.4. During the race it is allowed to return to the Event centre for lunch, changing clothes, relaxation. 

6.5. Checking in at the Check Points is by using SI cards - each team member uses one SI card issued by organizers. SI cards are not assigned to a particular team member, but to the team as a whole, so there is no difference which SI card is used by which team member. 

6.6. To be counted as a collected Check Point, all team members must check in within two minutes and only first punch is counted. Be sure not to punch Check Point until you are sure that all team can punch during one minute.

6.7. All team members must attach their SI Cards with wristbands so they cannot be removed, and take care of it so that the card is not damaged and torn off from the wrist until the finish line, where it can be removed by the referee. If participating with a loose SI card, participant can be disqualified or receive other penalty at the discretion of the referee. 

6.8. When checking in at the Check Point, if there is no sound and/or light signal, or Check Point device cannot be found in the Check Point station or device is damaged, participants must contact follow instruction written on the map. 

6.9. The team's finishing time is recorded after the last participant checks in at the Finish Check Point. All participants must submit their SI cards to the referees to obtain and read electronic information and results. This card can be disconnected from the arm only by finish referee otherwise the team may receive appropriate time penalty. 

6.10. For every minute late after the time limits the team receives 1 penalty point being deducted from the team's total number of points collected. If the team finishes more than 30 minutes after the time limits, the team is deducted all the points and receive 0. CP that are visited after cut-off time, are not counted. 

6.11. For each damaged wristband a team receives penalty of 5 points that will be deducted from the team's total score. 

6.12. Participants are obliged to comply with "Fair Play" principles both regarding completing the distance and using authorised equipment. 

6.13. If any member of the team due to an accident or for other reasons cannot continue the race, team should contact the referees and coordinate future activities. 

6.14. After the finish or withdrawal from the race, participants must return the organizers rented SI cards and other equipment, if used. Participants need to make sure that the referee has marked all the returned equipment. For equipment that is not returned participants have to pay a fine in accordance with these Rules. 

6.15. It is prohibited to leave any kind of waste during the race, cross agricultural territories, private and prohibited territories, use motorised vehicles, any outside help, except cases when medical help is necessary or it is noted in the description of the distance. An exception also is calling referees informing about getting lost, not working or lost Check Point device, damaged wristband, medical emergencies or 112, etc.

6.16. Referees keep the rights to give other penalties not mentioned in these Rules, in case if activities have created unfair advantages, threat or interference with other players. Possible penalties are penalty points or disqualification.

7. Equipment and rented equipment

7.1. Compass with degree graduation, waterproof marker for writing, ruler, watches, sports drinks, energy food, warm waterproof clothing. 

7.2. Participants can rent compasses by booking them at the moment of registration or by writing to e-mail: rogainings@xrace.lv. Compass rental fee is 3 EUR, Live GPS - 5 EUR.

7.3. Participants are obliged to treat the rental equipment with care and return it undamaged. If the rental equipment is damaged or lost, the participant must pay to cover losses the following amounts: SI card - 50 EUR, Compass - 25 EUR, GPS - 80 EUR. 

7.4. Participants must cover losses during three business days after the end of the race by transferring the money to the organizer's bank account or in cash.


8.1. Team's result consists of number of points collected that are successfully registered on SI card minus penalty points. If one of the teams have the same number of points, the team that collected points in a shortest time, wins. 

8.2. Approved race results are published on the race website www.rigasrogainings.lv no later than 3 days after the race. 

8.3. The race prizes are awarded to women, men and mixed groups that have first three places in each group. The competition organizers reserve the right to congratulate the first place only if the number of teams in a given group does not exceed 6 teams. 

8.4. In 2h distance and 4h distance only three best teams in each group. In distance teams will be rated and awarded only within their age groups, that's why participants in junior, veteran, supeveteran groups are not competing with each other and not awarded in Open group.