1.1. To determine the best rogainers from Latvia and Riga in different age groups and distances. 

1.2. To increase the number of active rogainers and promote competitive growth. 

1.3. To promote healthy and natural friendly lifestyle to inhabitants of Riga and visitors. 

1.4. To increase awareness of rogaining in Riga and Latvia.

1.5. Combine orienteering in the sport of cycling, running and team orienteering.

1.6. Involve participants of different ages by offering different sports (running and cycling), distances (2h, 4h, 6h, Individual Run, individual MTB) and age groups (Juniors, Seniors, Family, Open).



2.1. The races takes places:

April 1  - Rīgas Spilves pļavu rogainings
April 20 - Liepājas Dienvidu fortu rogainings
May 18 -  Baložu kūdras bānīša rogainings
July 13 - Mazsalacas Skaņākalna rogainings
September 7 - Mežgarciema militārās pilsētiņas rogainings
November 2 - Rīgas Kurpju raga rogainings

2.2. The association "Association of Adventure Competitions" (xEvents) is responsible for organizing the rogaining. Contact information: email:


3.1. Riga Rogaining is an orienteering team (MTB and individuals) competition, where the team is attending Check Points and collecting points in a random order given a specified period of time, trying to collect as many points as possible within the specified time frame. 

3.2. In the distance participants move only by foot (MTB by bicycle, using race maps issued by the organizers for navigation. All other electronic navigation devices are allowed in the distance only in cases of getting lost or of emergency. 

3.3. During the competition, traffic is not stopped, and participants are required to comply with Road Traffic Rules when they visit the checkpoints. Participants must respect the traffic laws of Latvia, follow the instructions from race organizers and judges, take into consideration specially marked places during the race.

3.4. The event organizers reserve the rights to delay the start, to change the course of the competition, to withhold or stop the race if it is related to hazardous weather conditions or other conditions associated with safety risks for the participants. 

3.5. Within the competition it is allowed to use the company's and organisation's name or brand name in the team's name, as well as stickers on equipment or clothing according with these Rules. Any kind of uncoordinated advertising activities in the Event are prohibited. Penalty for failure to comply with this paragraph is 2000 EUR. Any advertising is allowed on participant's clothes, shoes and race equipment. 

3.6. The organizers reserve the rights to change and modify these rules, procedures and requirements at any time before and during the race.


2h rogaining, 4h rogaining, 6h rogaining competes teams which are formed from 2 to 4 people, where at least one person is at least 18 years old on the day of the race. In case participants are under 18 years old, they must submit a written permission written by their parents or guardians.

2h Rogaining run takes place individually, where the participant plans his distance and tries to collect as many points as possible while running.

3h MTB takes place individually, where the participant plans his distance and tries to collect as many points as possible while riding the bike.

NEW! The rogaining hike is a new distance where everyone who is not so in a hurry and wants to look at the more beautiful places indicated on the map, take a picture in them and enjoy the orienteering elements can go. Participants of this distance will not have fixed marks at checkpoints and there is also no set start and finish time. Like participants in other distances, hikers will receive commemorative medals and supporter benefits at the finish, as well as participate in a draw of Garmin watches and other prizes. Just remember - the distance can be done at any time, but if you want to participate in the lottery and get a medal, then you will have to finish no earlier than before the start time of the last distance and no later than 30 minutes after the control time of the last distance.

2h kids Rogaining walk (3~5km) is meant for the children who is 12 years old or younger. The format of Rogaining walk is designed to be in teams, which are accompanied by Instructor - a person provided by organizers. If a child is 7 years old or younger, it is mandatory for a parent or guardian to be present and accompany the child.  An adult who goes with him does not have to pay for participation.



5.1. Groups of participants are determined by the age reached in the year of the competition. The exception is the family group, where the group is determined by age to the day of the competition.

MJ, WJ, XJ (only 6h distance) - men's, women's or mixed junior groups, all team members aged 13 to 22 years (inclusive);

MV, WV, XV (only 6h distance) - men's, women's or mixed senior groups, all team members aged 40 and over;

MSV, WSV, XSV (only 6h distance) - men's, women's or mixed super senior groups, all team members ages 55 and older;

MO, WO, XO (2h, 4h and 6h distance) - men's, women's or mixed open groups, all team members age out of 13;

VS, SS (2h rogaining run) - male, female.

VV, SV (3h bike rogaining) - male, female.

GIM (2h, 4h un 6h distance) - family group, in the team the age of at least one member on the day of the competition is 5 to 12 years old and at least one member is 23 years old and older.

6. REGISTRATION and changes

6.1. Registration for the competition on the website is open until Thursday of the week of the event (inclusive). It is also possible to register on the day of the event at the event centre by paying with a bank payment card or other electronic payment method.

6.2. By filling out the registration application on the website and participating in the competition, all participants confirm that they are familiar with this regulation and take full responsibility for their health and possible injuries during the distance. Minor members are the responsibility of the adult team member or parents by providing written parental permission. A sample permit can be found here.

6.3.   On the day of the competition, upon receipt of the team's starting package (a set of team numbers, SI cards, bracelets, ordered rental equipment), the representative of the team, without leaving the place of issue, makes sure that there is nothing missing in it. If there is a shortage, then you should immediately ask the organizers to issue the missing. Participants are responsible for handing over the issued inventory to the organizers immediately after the finish in an undamaged form.

6.4. If a team or an individual participant withdraws from the competition without attending the competition, the participation fee will not be refunded or transferred in case of disqualification of the team.

6.5. If the regulatory enactments in force at the time of the event allow only a contactless event, then the format of the event and the range of services are modified to meet the requirements of regulatory enactments, but take place on the same date. In this case, the participation fee is not returned or transferred to another stage. 

6.6. If the competition is postponed or canceled due to force majeure and the laws and regulations of the moment prohibit the holding of a contactless event as well, then the participation fee is transferred to the postponed date or any other of the next stages at the choice of the team.

6.7. You can make changes to the composition of participants or add a participant by sending information to the organizers by e-mail On race day, changes can be made in the Info tent. As a result of the changes made in the last week, participants will be assigned numbers without a name. Until Monday of the race week, changes will be made free of charge, then 5 EUR.

To make changes, you must do the following:

1) write an e-mail to the organizers to the and send changes about the team's distance, name or the following data of the new participant:
- name, surname (mandatory)
- gender (required)
- Birth data (yyyy-mm-dd) format (required)
- email (required)
- telephone (required)

2) If the changes are made after Monday of the competition week, a payment of 5 EUR must be made to the Adventure Competition Association, reģ.nr: 40008154479, bank account: LV39PARX0021201040001, bank: Citadele banka AS, purpose of payment: Team name / changes. After receiving the payment (to make the changes happen faster, send a payment order), we will make the changes.

To add a member to an existing team, you must do the following:

1) make payment in the amount of the current participation fee of one participant (participation fees are specified in the by-laws) to the Adventure Competition Association, reģ.nr: 40008154479, bank account: LV39PARX0021201040001, bank: Citadele banka AS, purpose of payment: Name of the team / additional participant.

2) write an e-mail to the organizers to the and send the following data of the new participant:
- name, surname (mandatory)
- gender (required)
- birth data (yyyy-mm-dd) format (required)
- email (required)
- telephone (required)

After receiving the payment (to make the changes happen faster, send a payment order), we will make the changes.


7.1.  The entry fee includes a medal for each finisher, race SI marking chips (except for participants who have not yet reached the age of 3 in the year of the event, 2h for a children's walk and 3h for a rogaining hike), card making, wristbands, participant number, paperclips, result-fixing equipment and result processing, drink and energy pack, medical assistance, winners' prizes, lottery and other organizational expenses. In the competition centre will be able to purchase ISOSTAR sports drinks, gels and bars and GARMIN watches.

7.2. Participation fee (for one participant – SIAC identity is included in the fee):

01.04.2024 Rīga - till
20.04.24 Liepāja - till
18.05.24 Baloži - till
13.07.2024 Mazsalaca - till
07.09.2023 Mežgarciems - till
02.11.2023 Rīga - till
6h un 4h rogaining 25 30 35 40
Youngsters in age 12-18 and seniors from 62 18 22 26 30
kids till 12 years old 6 7 8 10
2h rogaining, 3h bike  rogaining and 2h rogaining run          
Youngsters in age 12-18 and seniors from 62
Children under age 12
2h kids walk (kids under age 18) 5 6 7 10
Rogaining hike


7.3.  With the Honor Family Card, 3+ participants receive a 20% discount from the indicated stage price when registering in advance (this discount does not apply to subscriptions). Write about the procedure for using the card.

7.4. The season pass discount can be obtained by registering a team for all stages for the dates in the table below. You can register a team if you don't know all your teammates either. If you do not know a teammate, then tick the tick "I will indicate the participant later" at the registration. 

7.5.  The updating of participant data can be done free of charge by sending changes by Tuesday of the week of each stage to the (see the section of the regulations on making changes).

7.6. Seasonal subscription fee (for one participant – SIAC id is included in the fee):

All seasons 2024 races till
6h un 4h rogaining 105.00 120.00 135.00 142.50
1 race 17.50 20.00 22.50 23.75
2h rogaining, 3h bike rogaining and 2h rogaining run            
1 race
3h rogaining hike 63.00 72.00 81.00 85.50
1 race 10.50 12.00 13.50 14.25


7.7. In the event of cancellation or postponement of the event, the participation fee can be refunded in full or transferred to another stage of your choice.


8.1. The competition takes place in accordance with the LOF approved rogaining competition rules, if it is not stated differently in these Regulations. Regulations published in Latvian version are available on the website

8.2. Each participant before the start receives a map. Maps are water and moisture resistant, but participants themselves are responsible for the preservation of maps during the race. 

8.3. Participants must wear the number in a visible place - on the clothing or a bag. 

8.4. Checking in at the Check Points is by using SI cards - each team member uses one SI card issued by organizers. SI cards are not assigned to a particular team member, but to the team as a whole, so there is no difference which SI card is used by which team member. 

8.5. In order for the checkpoint to be counted, all team members must mark within two minutes at the checkpoint, and only the first check-in is taken into account when marking the checkpoint. If a participant marks several times, then the first specific CP mark of each team member is taken into account, so do not approach the checkpoint until you are sure that the whole team will be able to mark at the appointed time.

8.6. All team members must attach their SI Cards with wristbands so they cannot be removed, and take care of it so that the card is not damaged and torn off from the wrist until the finish line, where it can be removed by the referee. If participating with a loose SI card, participant can be disqualified or receive other penalty at the discretion of the referee. 

8.7. When checking in at the Check Point, if there is no sound and/or light signal, or Check Point device cannot be found in the Check Point station or device is damaged, participants must contact follow instruction written on the map. 

8.8. The team's finishing time is recorded after the last participant checks in at the Finish Check Point. All participants must submit their SI cards to the referees to obtain and read electronic information and results. This card can be disconnected from the arm only by finish referee otherwise the team may receive appropriate time penalty. 

8.9. For every minute late after the time limits the team receives 1 penalty point being deducted from the team's total number of points collected. If the team finishes more than 30 minutes after the time limits, the team is deducted all the points and receive 0. CP that are visited after cut-off time, are not counted. 

8.10. For each damaged wristband a team receives penalty of 5 points that will be deducted from the team's total score. 

8.11. Participants are obliged to comply with "Fair Play" principles both regarding completing the distance and using authorised equipment. Running with a dog is allowed only on a leash. If, according to the judges, this creates an advantage, it is also considered an auxiliary tool and for participants in such cases the result is calculated, but in the results it is indicated as starting out of turn.

8.12. If any member of the team due to an accident or for other reasons cannot continue the race, team should contact the referees and coordinate future activities. 

8.13. After the finish or withdrawal from the race, participants must return the organizers rented SI cards and other equipment, if used. Participants need to make sure that the referee has marked all the returned equipment. For equipment that is not returned participants have to pay a fine in accordance with these Rules. 

8.14. It is prohibited to leave any kind of waste during the race, cross agricultural territories, private and prohibited territories, use motorised vehicles, any outside help, except cases when medical help is necessary or it is noted in the description of the distance. An exception also is calling referees informing about getting lost, not working or lost Check Point device, damaged wristband, medical emergencies or 112, etc.

8.15. Referees keep the rights to give other penalties not mentioned in these Rules, in case if activities have created unfair advantages, threat or interference with other players. Possible penalties are penalty points or disqualification.

9. Equipment and rented equipment

9.1. Compass with degree graduation, waterproof marker for writing, ruler, watches, sports drinks, energy food, warm waterproof clothing. 

9.2. Participants have the opportunity to rent compasses by booking them in advance at the time of registration on the website or by writing to the e-mail

9.3. Participants are obliged to treat the rental equipment with care and return it undamaged. If the rental equipment is damaged or lost, the participant must pay to cover losses the following amounts: SI card - 80 EUR, Compass - 20 EUR, GPS - 80 EUR. The participant must cover the losses within 3 working days after the end of the competition by transferring money to the bank account of the organizers.

7.4. For emergency calls are recommended., but not mandatory, a mobile phone (in waterproof packaging if necessary) and/or a whistle.


10.1. Team's result consists of number of points collected that are successfully registered on SI card minus penalty points. If one of the teams have the same number of points, the team that collected points in a shortest time, wins. 

10.2. Approved race results are published on the race website no later than 3 days after the race. 

10.3. The race prizes are awarded to women, men and mixed groups that have first three places in each group. The competition organizers reserve the right to congratulate the first place only if the number of teams in a given group does not exceed 6 teams. Teams will be judged and awarded only within their age groups, so neither junior, veteran, nor superveteran teams compete or are rewarded within the Open group.
10.4.  The season standings are calculated by summing up the points scored by the respective team (by name) or individual runner or MTB rider (by name, surname) for a given distance in all stages combined, except for the 1 stage with the lowest result (a missed stage is also considered as such). In the case of an equal sum of points, the higher place is decided by the sum of the time spent on a shorter distance. If the sums of the times are also equal, then the higher place is decided by the higher result of the last stage of the season.

10.5. In the overall calculation, the Family group is counted against the men's, women's or mixed teams of each distance.

10.6. The season's overall awards will reward the 3 most points-scoring men's, women's and mixed teams in the 2h, 4h, 6h distances and the 3 most points-scoring men and women in the Rogaining Run and MTB distance who have not missed more than 1 season race.

10.7. Protests must be submitted in writing not later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the results, with a security deposit of EUR 30. It will be returned if the protest is granted. The protest is considered immediately if no further information and investigation is required. All interested parties shall be informed of the decision taken. The decision of the chief judge is final and binding on all participants in the competition. 


11.1. During the competition will be photographed and filmed.

11.2. By applying for the competition, participants confirm that they do not object to the use of photographs and video materials taken during the rogaining for any marketing and advertising activities of the organizer, and that the organizers have the right to use them for public relations and advertising purposes without coordination with the people in them, as well as to offer other participants the opportunity to download these materials.

11.3. By applying for the competition, participants confirm that they do not object to the publication of the list of participants and results on the competition website.