competition schedule

Time Activity
09:00 Race bib distribution and map distribution
11:00 Start for 6h rogaining
12:00 Start for 4h rogaining
13:00 Start for 2h rogaining, Rogaining walk and Rogaining run
15:00 Cut-off time for 2h rogaining
15:30 Awarding ceremony for 2h rogaining and Rogaining run
16:00 Cut-off time for 4h rogaining
16:30 Awarding ceremony for 4h rogaining
17:00 Cut-off time for 6h rogaining and Rogaining run
17:30 Awarding ceremony for 6h rogaining


One team member must go to the Registration desk to recieve participant race start pack. Team member must tell the name of the team and sign the start protocol for receiving start pack. Race maps will be distributed together with team start pack. The team start pack will include the race numbers, pins, SI cards (idents), wristbands for attaching the SI card around the hand, as well as various special offers from supporters. For teams that rent compasses, they will be issued together with envelopes.

competition centre

Competition center is located near the parking area of the office building campus "Business Garden Rīga" (address: Vērdiņu iela, Mārupes novads).

The competition will be provided with toilets, storage rooms, dressrooms, registration, map distribution, medical assistance, awarding. Participants will be able to purchase ISOSTAR energy drinks, gels and bars, as well as other things in the race supporters tents. All finishers will receive medals and finish packages.

Driving directions to the event centre: 


This spring rogaining event (now postponed to the Indian summer) is part of the rogaining series "Urban legends". It will start and finish at the office building campus "Business Garden Rīga" and show you previously not explorer territories in the history of orienteering in Riga city between calm low raise suburbs on the banks of Mārupīte creek, airplanes landing and taking off at Riga airport and wetlands and lakes in the south.

Choose your distance

Rogaining walk (2h ~5km) is meant for the children who is 12 years old or younger. The format of Rogaining walk is designed to be in teams, which are accompanied by Instructor - a person provided by organizers. If a child is 7 years old or younger, it is mandatory for a parent or guardian to be present and accompany the child.

2h rogaining, 4h rogaining, 6h rogaining competes teams which are formed from 2 to 4 people, where at least one person is at least 18 years old on the day of the race. In case participants are under 18 years old, they must submit a written permission written by their parents or guardians.

Rogaining run is ~ 14-16km long distance – an orienteering route that is not marked and is made for individual participants, who run or walk the distance, while punching all necessary check-points on the way. Checkpoints are indicated on rogaining map that the participants receive on the race day.

Sprint - any team during its race can incorporate and visit 4-6 blue checkpoints on the map in any order in the shortest time possible to win a special title "Pixie of the Creek" in 3 groups (men, women and mixed teams).


We recommend you to choose warm, sporty clothes, gloves and comfortable shoes where you can walk around the city and the forest. For each team, the required equipment is a charged mobile phone (organiser's telephone numbers that can be found on the race map). Recommended equipment in the distance for all teams are waterproof marker for writing, that can be used for planning a distance to indicate a team route, a compass with degree graduation, a ruler, a clock, energy food and a drink.


Live GPS is a great tool where you can in Live follow your team, how they choose their route. After the race you can compare and replay routes and strategies your interested teams have completed.

Riga spring (indian summer) rogaine 2020 Live GPS -
Riga summer rogaine 2020 Live GPS -
Riga summer rogaine 2020 Live GPS -
Riga autumn rogaine 2020 Live GPS -

To get your Live GPS, you can register it in registration form or write to Price 5 EUR per team.


Participants will receive map in the morning of the event day at the registration tent. Maps are waterproof, however each participant is responsible to take care of it during the race (cuts, folds and other damages may affect its waterproofness). Map scale is 1:20 000 or 1cm = 200m in reality.