4H Distance

Participation fee

  20.11-30.11 01.12-27.01 28.01-17.03 18.03-23.03
Children under age 12 For free For free 3 5
Youngsters in age 12-18 and seniors from 62 7 10 13 20
Adults 14 17 22 30


09:00 Race bib distribution and map distribution
11:00 Start for 6h rogaining
12:00 Start for 4h rogaining
13:00 Start for 2h rogaining, Rogaining walk and Rogaining run
15:00 Cut-off time for 2h rogaining
15:30 Awarding ceremony for 2h rogaining and Rogaining run
16:00 Cut-off time for 4h rogaining
16:30 Awarding ceremony for 4h rogaining
17:00 Cut-off time for 6h rogaining and Rogaining run
17:30 Awarding ceremony for 6h rogaining

4 hour distance will be suitable for all fans of active lifestyle who are willing to spend an active afternoon with friends and family, at the same time enjoying and sightseeing Riga and nature both in one event. The most challenging part of competition will be to plan the strategy, since during the 4 hours you can visit many places and collect many control points.

What will be your weekend strategy and action plan?